San Tamahagane, Have A Taste


Santa has got to make it all over the world this Christmas, so why not let him bring a taste of Asia back to your dining table with the beautiful San Tamahagane steak knife set.

The luxury four piece steak knife set you see before you has been forged at the heart of Japan. The blades have been carefully constructed form three layers of steel, designed especially for a steak knife. The blade is full tang, meaning it runs all the way through the handle, which means any force you apply will be directed directly to the point of the blade, making cutting through steak twice as easy. It will also increase the strength and durability of the steak knife, meaning its lasting power equals that of its cutting power. The handles are made from an impeccably beautiful pakkawood, which has been designed to maximise comfort as well as style. All this comes wrapped up in an equally attractive pakkawood presentation box.

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