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Favourite Steak Dishes

Favourite Steak DishesThere are many different ways to serve a steak. In many British pubs and restaurants, the traditional presentation is to place the steak on a large oval plate, accompanied by a copious amount of thick cut chips, mushrooms, onion rings, and a grilled tomato. Occasionally the tomato is served cold with a side salad, the contrast of the hot and cold vegetables adding variation and texture to the meal.

Often, restaurants offer their steaks with a variety of sauces and accompaniments, pepper sauce, herb butter and blue cheese are often available, and then, of course, there are the house specialities. Since the mid-20th century, speciality steak dishes have increased in popularity, with many tracing their roots back to the United States. Below are three of the most popular.

The Correct Way to Eat Steak

The Correct Way to Eat SteakOne question we find ourselves being asked time and time again, is whether or not there is a correct way to eat steak. It may surprise you to find, that in actual fact, there is.

What are steak knives made from?

Making Steak KnivesFor as long as humans have been eating food, they have been manufacturing implements to either aid in its capture or consumption. For many years, these implements were crafted from flint and bone, and as time progressed, from iron and bronze. Eventually, cutler became an occupation in its own right, and in 1297, the first mention of the cutlery profession appears on a tax return in Sheffield.

How Should My Steak Be Cooked for Best Flavour?

How Should My Steak Be Cooked for Best FlavourThere are many schools of thought when it comes to cooking steak. It only takes of few minutes of conversation among your friends to find that preferences vary immensely, ranging from blue, to the burnt side of well done. But is there a correct way to serve steak for the fullest flavour, and if so, what is it?

Where does the Bee Symbol come from on Laguiole Knives?

Laguiole BeeAs one of the most recognisable symbols in the cutlery industry, you would expect the history of the Laguiole bee to be well documented. Instead, however, debate rages about the origins of this miniature icon, and whether or not it is a bee at all.

Types of Steak

Types of SteakAsk any group of meat eaters what their perfect meal is, and a large number of them will invariably reply “a nice juicy steak”. Often the response will include details on how the steak should be cooked, and whether it should be accompanied by chips, mushrooms, onion rings or any of the various other foodstuffs traditionally eaten with steak, and almost always, the type of steak will be mentioned. Whether it be fillet, sirloin, T-bone or rib-eye, everyone it seems has their own particular favourite and preferences.

What is the tang of a knife and how is a full tang knife different?

The Tang of Knife BladesThe tang is the part of the blade which extends into the knife handle. Full tang knives have tangs which run the length of the handle, and are an indication of a high quality implement.

Introduction to Game

Introduction to GameDo you want to offer your dinner guests something a little more unusual, but are never quite sure what to serve? Game may provide the answer. There are a whole range of choices, including pheasant, duck and venison, and these wild meats are growing in popularity at an amazing rate.

Read through our handy guide to the most popular game to find one which is perfect for you.

The History of Knives

The History of KnivesKnives have not always been merely a partner to the fork. The history of the knife goes back much further than its fork companion. Throughout the centuries, knives have evolved from a being a very primitive, general purpose piece of equipment, to finally taking its place in our every day cutlery selection.

The Difference Between Serrated and Smooth Edged Knives

Steak KnifeWhen it comes to the most commonly used of kitchen implements, the knife, it is surprising to find that many people are still unsure how to choose the correct knife for the job at hand. There are those who are absolutely insistent that a serrated blade is best for any kitchen task, while others believe that food preparation should only be undertaken using a razor sharp smooth edge. Neither is correct, our simple guide will show you how to select the best knife for the task you are about to undertake.